Helwig Carbon Products

in Shaft grounding systems, Manufacturer, Contacts>> Filters>> Seals>>Carbon>> Brush holders>> Bushings>>Mechanical spacers/bearings>> Commutator servicing equipment, Brushes, Brush springs

Helwig Carbon Products is a leading manufacturer of carbon graphite brushes, brush holders, and constant force springs for electric motors and generators. Also make the Bearing Protection Kits for motors with drives. Plus mechanical carbons.

8900 W. Tower Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53224-9008
United States

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Del City

in Battery chargers, Fuses and Fuseholders, Fuses and Fuseholders, Circuit breakers, Manufacturer

P.O. Box 3102
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-3102
United States

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Fax: 414-228-6100

Brady Corporation

in labels, decals, Nameplates, Manufacturer

P.O. Box 571
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-0571
United States

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in Contactors, Indicating lamps, Panelboards, Switchboards, Manufacturer

Eaton Corp., 4201 N. 27th St.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53216
United States

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Fax: 414-449-6221

Taylor Dynamometer

in Dynamometers, Manufacturer

3602 W. Wheelhouse Rd
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208
United States

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Fax: 414-755-0041

Rockwell Automation - Allen

in Controls, Motor starters, terminal blocks, Manufacturer

Allen-Bradley Company, Inc.
1201 South Second Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204
United States

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Fax: 414-382-4444

Power Lube Industrial, LLC

in Lubricants, Manufacturer

4930 S. 2nd St.
Suite 300
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207
United States

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Fax: 414-727-8171

Milwaukee Resistor Corp.

in Load monitors - energy analyzers, Voltage, Resistors, Rheostats, Manufacturer

8920 W. Heather Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53224-0200
United States

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Fax: 414-362-0350

Konecranes - Morris Material Handling

in Electrical, Hoists and cranes, Material handling equipment, Manufacturer, Training and Associations

11420 W. Theodore Trecker Way
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53214-1137
United States

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Fax: 262-364-5701

International Thermal Systems LLC

in Material handling equipment, Paints, Trickle impregnation equipment, Washers, Manufacturer

4697 W. Greenfield Ave.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53214
United States

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Fax: 414-672-8800