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PHENIX Technologies designs and manufactures a wide range of High Voltage, High Current, and High Power Test Systems and Components. Our product line includes equipment for testing Cables, Circuit Breakers, Generators, GIS/Switchgear, Insulation Materials, Motors, Reclosers, Transformers, Utility Worker’s Rubber Goods/Protective Gear, plus more. Our 85,000 square-foot headquarters located in Accident, Maryland is a modern manufacturing facility where all aspects of electrical, mechanical, software design, and production are performed. Our engineers are members of world-wide professional and technical organizations and offer knowledge and experience that’s vital to the development of innovative solutions for any project. Our Service and Calibration Department assists customers during and after installation to ensure optimum equipment performance and customer satisfaction. PHENIX Technologies has 40+ years of experience and has delivered test equipment to 110 countries.

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Brand Names PHENIX

PHENIX Core Loss Testers


75 Speicher Dr.
Accident, Maryland 21520
United States


  • Test systems available for testing fractional up to 50,000 HP motors.
  • Software Programs providing remote control, data acquisition, automation capabilities, and more for more demanding applications
  • Customization options to meet your exact needs
  • Optimum safety features
  • Over 40+ years' experience
  • Superior reliability and versatility for years of extended service life
  • Longest Warranty in the industry


Mon-Fri, 8 am - 5 pm


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