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AEGIS Rings protect motors from VFD-induced bearing damage by channeling harmful shaft currents away from bearings and safely to ground – for the full L10 life of the bearing. Unlike other shaft grounding technologies, AEGIS Rings provide effective bearing protection – regardless of motor speed – even in the presence of light grease, oil, dust, and other contaminants. No other shaft grounding technology works either in physical contact with the motor shaft, or in nanogap proximity to it, and offers the long-term, virtually maintenance-free protection of AEGIS Rings. And AEGIS bearing fluting protection now comes with a FREE 2-year warranty against electrical bearing damage! So, whether you purchased a new motor with an AEGIS Ring factory installed (from one of a growing number of motor manufacturers) or — according to AEGIS Best Practices — installed the ring yourself or had it installed by a motor repair shop, be sure to register the motor for this warranty. Simply scan the QR code on the AEGIS warranty sticker and complete the online registration. Then rest easy knowing that your motor is protected against bearing fluting damage by the industry’s best bearing protection warranty! For more information on this warranty, watch our video: https://youtu.be/qnA2rdTqsg8 AEGIS SGR Rings are designed to protect low-voltage motors up to 500 HP and DC motors up to 300 HP. (www.est-aegis.com/SGR.php) AEGIS PRO Series Rings are designed to protect medium-voltage motors, generators, and turbines, as well as large low-voltage motors (over 500 HP) and DC motors over 300 HP. (www.est-aegis.com/PROseries/) AEGIS Rings are available in solid versions for installation before motors are put into service and split versions for installation on in-service or coupled motors. AEGIS uKITs include an AEGIS Ring (solid or split) and a set of universal mounting brackets that speed and simplify installation on motors with shaft shoulders, slingers, or other end bell protrusions. Rings on uKITs can be installed using screws or conductive epoxy. (www.est-aegis.com/shaft-grounding-ring/uKIT.php) The AEGIS Bearing Protection Handbook details best practices for diagnosing failed bearings, testing in-service motors for damaging shaft currents, and protecting new or repaired motors. To download a copy of this comprehensive 56-page guide to protecting motors against electrical bearing damage, visit www.est-aegis.com/handbook. A growing number of manufacturers also offer motors with AEGIS Rings factory-installed either internally or externally. For a list of these manufacturers, visit www.est-aegis.com/oem. To test VFD-driven motors for damaging shaft voltages use the AEGIS Shaft Voltage Tester Digital Oscilloscope. (www.est-aegis.com/tester)

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