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About the EMBR

The ElectroMechanical Bench Reference (EMBR) is published annually as a supplement to the December issue of Electrical Apparatus magazine and is received by all subscribers to Electrical Apparatus.

The EMBR is the most comprehensive directory  of products and services used by the electrical aftermarket, and the most comprehensive and exclusive guide to the manufacturers and suppliers of those products and services. Used year-round as a primary sourcing guide by key buyers in the electrical aftermarket, the EMBR includes these sections:

  • A Product Index with more than 400 categories of shop equipment, insulation, parts, controls, drives, motors, electronic components and replacement apparatus, cross-referenced to the manufacturers supplying products for each category.
  • A Manufacturers Finder with address, phone, fax and e-mail/website information for over 1,000 companies whose products are used in the electrical aftermarket, including cross-references to specific product categories in the Product Index.
  • A Brand Names Index to help locate the suppliers of specific brand-name products.
  • A Distributors Directory listing, by state and province, electrical wholesalers/distributors in the United States and Canada.
  • A Special Services Directory listing companies that provide over 45 special services nationally on a regular basis, including such services as Bearing Rebabbitting/Rebuilding, Used Equipment, Electronic Servicing, Field Testing of Electrical Apparatus/Systems, Laminations, Rotor Rebarring, Servomotor Repair, and Vibration Analysis
  • An Associations and Training Reference, listing trade associations, professional societies and other organizations providing information, materials and training services to the electrical aftermarket

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